Awareness is the enemy of sanity
for once you hear the screaming, it never stops.

"I felt like a fool.”

Hey, Connor!

Zevran + protectiveness or as close as an assassin can get


Who I am does not matter; I will always be judged for what I was born.


Arianne Martell Appreciation Week 
day 2; favorite quote
"That, and my birthright. I want Sunspear. and my father’s seat. I want Dome. I want justice.”


day 4 favorite relationship; arianne martell & tyene sand

«She and Tyene had learned to read together. learned to ride together, learned to dance together. When they were ten Arianne had stolen a flagon of wine, and the two of them had gotten drunk together. They shared meals and beds and jewelry.»


ARIANNE MARTELL WEEK - day #4 {favorite relastionship}

Arianne Martell & the Sand Snakes.


"precipitates" series by pablo genovés

When the apocalypse comes, if it does, it will look really impressive in places of fine art and classical performance. So surmises the collage work of Madrid/Berlin-based artist Pablo Genovés, who takes photos of museums, performance halls, and ballrooms, and creates scenes of flooding and tsunami-like moments in the otherwise serence environments.