Awareness is the enemy of sanity
for once you hear the screaming, it never stops.

Edmund Blair Leighton


hadestown fancast: o r p h e u s   &   e u r y d i c e

Orpheus, my heart is yours
always was and will be
it’s my gut i can’t ignore
orpheus, i’m hungry
oh my heart, it aches to stay
but the flesh will have its way
oh the way is dark and long
i’m already gone
i’m gone


If it’s true what they say
if my love is gone for good
they can take this heart away
they can take this flesh and blood
take my mouth that kissed her mouth
take my tongue that sung her praise
in the dark where she lay
if it’s true what they say
i’ll be on my way

Jesse Williams as O R P H E U S
Jamie Chung as E U R Y D I C E

game of thrones s4 challenge

day seven: favourite main character in s4 → “O b e r y n  was ever the viper. Deadly, dangerous, unpredictable. N o  m a n  d a r e d  t r e a d  o n  h i m .”


MONSTERS AND MAGIC | The Incantation

It does not require a full moon. No
newts’ eyes unless you can get them cheap, nothing
seasoned dried smoked or
measured. Only this: It requires

a story, a teller, and a monster
to be overcome. It requires
a secret. This is why (they say) witches
are women. All those words
carried sharp in throat-back told since birth
never to tell, but witches
do. This is why (they say) witches
drip wicked. This is why (they say) witches are just
no good. When it comes to witches, men
will say anything. So

put some blood into it, and by blood I mean every razor word
they ever tried to cram back down your throat. Say

no. Say it
again. This is (witches know)
the only formula for magic.

— mythandrists